Roughly my background 1

Well I am a older sibling of 2, I was brought up in a typical household with a mother and a father, and of course my little sister and pets, sounds perfect !! Not quite.. under the happy family persona was a life pretty much witnessing violence and abuse at the hands of my father drunk induced, and a mother who would work to escape the life she married into at a young age, as a child growing up we had our good days and our bad days.. good days would be so much fun and giggling and happy fond memories but they where short lived, majority I can remember was feeling scared and pretty much sad, the biggest influence in my life and my childhood was my papa.. my mothers step father- he took my mother on with my nana after her first marriage broke due to domestic abuse, they never had anymore kids except my mother who he adopted and raised as his own.. only ever good and positive memories I have of my papa, he was a credit in my life and his memories will live on in my life.. he lived his life with nothing but love and loyalty in his heart and died knowing he was dying for years and never told nobody, it broke my nana who knew nothing.. on his passing she has slowly deteriorated and now has dementia.. well a form, she does not know who I am.. she will die with a broken heart 💔 saddens me

My years growing up into puberty was pretty much non existent I was severely bullied at high school and stayed in my home for around 2 years, cut a long story short I did a pretty nasty thing to a girl and I regret it to this day I spent 7month in prison for serious assault to permit disfigurement and she had to get a skin graft and stitches, I had originally got a 1year sentience reduced because it was my first proper serious offense, I got sentenced 2 weeks after my 16th birthday

Pretty much nothing to really say on the jail experience but you need to adapt your going and you can't do nothing about it, I had a little job in the hairdressers they have in the prison and done a bit of beauty therapy I enjoyed it, my family visited me once a week every week, one thing about prison it makes you or brakes you I never had drug addiction problems stuff like that so you are not a target for other inmates apart from the odd bit of tobacco, I used to sit in my cell at night on my chest of drawers and look out of my window listening to the world and in fairness it was tranquil for being in that sort of situation, my papa used to send me up cards and wright all the time when he came to visit he would always smile and talk positive and normal

To be continued….